Viscount Organs of Michigan

Viscount Organs

Viscount Organs of Michigan is a division of Hi Fi Productions LLC. With over 20 years of sales and service experience, our team is excited to offer Viscount Organs to customers in Michigan and Indiana.  As Church Musicians first and foremost, we understand the needs and desires of music ministries in churches of all denominations. We bring this passion and experience to the table in our sales and support staff.  

Viscount Organs of Michigan handles Sales, Service, and Installation of new Viscount Digital Church Organs in Michigan and Northern Indiana. Johnny Kash serves as Viscount Organs of Michigan Artist in Residence.

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Viscount Organs are hand crafted in Italy and feature state of the art Physis modeling technology to create the most authentic pipe organ sounds  available today. For stop lists and specifications on all of our  models, please visit